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Sustainable Remodeling

When Beauty and functionality rhyme with ecology and sustainability. In perfect balance with the environment, our homes resonate and integrate the ancestral Feng shui principles of good energy, vitality and well-being. More than an acupuncture treatment for your home, with in and out living facilities, our Feng Shui ecological and sustainable homes are beautiful, smart, functional, spacious and light-filled.

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Home Organization

Sick of the clutter? Too busy and no time to clean-up? Experience a clutter-free life with our functional spaces. Our Hands-off program simplifies your life: we do everything for you! We sort, we file, we simplify and organize your entire home. Relax, and enjoy the result...

About Veronique Metivet

Turning houses into highly nurturing homes.

Our company is the leader in Sustainable living. We design homes based on the best Optimal living solutions offered today.

Veronique Metivet, CEO and Founder of Blooming Sense is a Feng Shui Expert graduate from The European Institute of Feng Shui. She is also a Certified Interior Decorator from the famous Boulle school of Design in Paris France and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Early on, she understood that the magic of a place wasn’t only a matter of beauty, but mostly an energy vibration quality.

She has traveled around the world during 20 years studying architecture, decoration styles and the energy field. She masters slaked lime plasters, American clay, decorative concrete and green walls. This unique background has lead ” Vero ” to blend the art of Feng Shui with worldwide exotic decoration trends. Integrating Sustainable design and healthy materials really helps people feel grounded and aligned in their body and spirit.

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