Feng Shui Design Consultation:

Get a clear vision of your idealized space

This HANDS ON Feng Shui Decoration Consultation is designed for people who are seeking professional guidance on:

  • How to harmonize and balance their interior with the appropriate choice of colors, shapes, materials, plants and elements
  • Remodeling and decoration suggestions
  • Maximize their home potential in terms of beauty, well-being and optimal living
  • Create a healthy and safe environment for their family
  • Reduce the harmful effects of EMF pollution
  • Create a nurturing office designed to stimulate productivity /efficiency and concentration
  • Raise their home vibrations for a better vitality

Sustainable remodeling:

When Beauty and functionality rhyme with ecology and sustainability. In perfect balance with the environment, our homes resonate and integrate the ancestral Feng shui principles of good energy, vitality and well being. More than an acupuncture treatment for your home, with in and out living facilities, our Feng Shui ecological and sustainable homes are beautiful, smart, functional, spacious and light-filled.

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- Home organization:

Sick of the clutter? Too busy and no time to clean-up? Experience a clutter-free life with our functional spaces. Our Hands-off program simplifies your life: we do everything for you! We sort, we file, we simplify and organize your entire home. Relax, and enjoy the result...

Feng Shui Institute: workshops and certifications

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