The Magical Space Experience

When absolute well-being merges with beauty, your home feels like a sanctuary that nurtures your body and your soul.

Blooming Sense is  about changing lives.

It’s about designing for a better world.

Because your home says a lot about you, we’re here to listen.

Welcome to Blooming Sense!

Feng Shui Decoration

Feng Shui is the acupuncture treatment of your home. It restores balance in your environment while empowering energetically your body and spirit.
Let’s create a magical space that reflects your desired lifestyle and supports your well-being.

Optimized Home

Experience a clutter-free life with our functional spaces.
Our Hands-off program simplifies your life: we do everything for you!
Relax and enjoy…

Sustainable Remodeling

When beauty, functionality and renewable energy resonate together…

Experience the in and out living experience with our Feng Shui green homes .

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Endless Possibilities under one roof !

Blooming Sense power resides in a network of the best practices and professionals.

We create the home that perfectly matches your lifestyle .

You can trust us to manifest your dream space.

Blooming Sense Feng Shui Label Certification 

Your guaranty of a High Quality Space, that empowers health, well-Being and vitality.

We transform houses into highly nurturing homes. 

Our company is the leader in Sustainable living. We design homes based on the best Optimal living solutions offered today.

Veronique Metivet, CEO and Founder of Blooming Sense is a Feng Shui Expert graduate from The European Institute of Feng Shui.    

She is also a Certified Interior Decorator from the famous Boulle school of Design in Paris France and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

 Early on, she understood that the magic of a place wasn’t only a matter of beauty, but mostly an energy vibration quality.

 She has traveled around the world during 20 years studying architecture, decoration styles and the energy field.

She masters slaked lime plasters, American clay, decorative concrete and green walls.

This unique background has lead ” Vero ” to blend  the art of Feng Shui with worldwide exotic decoration trends. 

Integrating Sustainable design and healthy materials really helps people feel grounded and aligned in their body and spirit.


This creates magical places where beauty merges with healthy design and absolute well-being to delight all 5 senses. 

Blooming Sense. The Magical Space Experience

Experience a Home that feels as good as it looks !

Blooming Sense meaningful purpose is to create living space that nurture the soul and the body.

Our Feng Shui certification will guarantee that your home is ready to sell or buy. This will allow professionals such as realtors and brokers to sell faster and save huge amounts of money.

  •  We conduct a S.W.A.T analyst other 500 control points to make sure your home is safe, nurturing and relaxing.
  • We create and design the Feng shui art pieces that will complement your space by adding the right touch of light and color.
  • We adjust each room to the person directly living there
  • We customize kids room for them to escape the adult world and enter the fantasy world

Your Home. Your second skin

Feel good now in a place that will be the most resourceful experience!

Yes ! I want to know more.

“Vero is a true gem!”

Vero is truly a joy to work with and  I am forever grateful to her for her talents, time, and energy. I recommend Veronique and Blooming Sense for feng shui and interior design in your living environments.  Vero has a warm, intuitive, and knowledgeable approach.  She has spent time with me to understand my environment, my needs, and the energy of my family.  I work from home and this can alter the visual aesthetics and changing energy of a living space. Her incredible talent has helped us to clear energy and spaces that were stagnate and negative.  Each time Vero works with me and my home, I can feel an instant change and mood to our home. She is a true gem!

Ruby Roof, Arbonne

“Thank you so much Vero for the wonderful job you did on clearing the energy in our home.”

We had no idea that it would make such a difference not only to our home but also to our lives.
The energy and feel of our home is totally different. Our once crowded living room is now open and inviting. Our bedroom has become a sanctuary and a place of tranquility. We have also seen a shift in our businesses and everything is flowing with much greater ease. We are excited moving into the New Year with this new level of energy.

We appreciate how thorough you were and the amount of time you invested in the process. We were
impressed and inspired by your knowledge of Feng Shui. You gave us many examples and lots of ideas to make positive changes and we have completed almost all of your suggestions.

We would highly recommend that everyone use your services for their home and their business as they will be amazed at the transformations that can take place in their lives.

Eileen Tansey, Nuskin

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